Welcome to Keep Clean Southampton and their new website

Keep Clean Southampton was established in 2002 by Richard Blythes. Although running a successful business for over 12 years the Keep Clean Business never had a website but it was felt entering 2015 would be the year Keep Clean would venture online.

In Richards words:

“I’ve always prided myself on being a pro-active business man who actively networks and been fortunate to have generated most my business through recommendations and word of mouth. However, I felt it was about time I should have a website. My aim was to have a website whereby those new to Keep Clean could see the range of services we offer and hopefully give them some peace of mind that they would be dealing with a professional, experienced and quality business. Also, it’s nice to take pride in what we do at Keep Clean and showcase our work and results.

I sought out the help of local web designer Sean Mullins. Being a local business I was keen to use another local business who would listen to my needs and I could work with to ensure I got what I had in mind. Sean seemed to grasp the nature of my business very well, was able to offer some good advice and together I’m pleased with the result we’ve achieved.”

Sean works as a Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant and is part of The Digital Specialists who are a Southampton based Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a home owner looking to revive your property or a local business looking for a cleaning company you can trust to deliver, please feel free to browse the new website and get in touch with us.

07985 248 354

Twitter: @keepcleansoton


Alternatively, please feel free to use our online contact form below:


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